Three Days and a Life

القسم الكتب
التصنيف English Books ,
الكاتب Pierre Lemaitre
دار النشر MacLehose Press
الكمية بالمخزن 25
الوزن ( جرامات ) 250
عدد الصفح 253
رقم المنتج E-SR000002
الحاله متاح
الزيارات 1425
  • KWD 4.500

In 1999, in the small provincial town of Beauval, France, 12-year-old Antoine Courtin accidently kills a young boy in the woods near his home. Panicked, he conceals the body and to his relief and ongoing shame, he is never suspected of any connection to the child’s disappearance. But the boy’s death continues to haunt him, shaping his life in unseen ways.

More than a decade later, Antoine is living in Paris, now a young doctor with a fiancée and a promising future. On a rare trip home to the town he hates and fears, Antoine thoughtlessly sleeps with a beautiful young woman from his past. She shows up pregnant at his doorstep in Paris a few months later, insisting that they marry, but Antoine refuses.

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