Stop Staring at Screens

القسم الكتب
التصنيف الكتب الانجليزية ,
الكاتب Tanya Goodin
دار النشر HACHETTE
الكمية بالمخزن 17
الوزن ( جرامات ) 300
عدد الصفح 144
رقم المنتج E-SD000002
الحاله متاح
الزيارات 240
  • KWD 5.000
    KWD 3.750

Technology was designed to make our lives easier, and yet it's one of the biggest drivers of family rifts and stress. Making healthy and realistic decisions about when and where you really need technology can be tricky but is essential for restoring harmony in your home. Family Unplugged has the answers you need.

* Find sanity-saving solutions and practical tips
* Follow diagnostic quizzes
* Identify key triggers
* Address common issues
* Learn what works best for you and your family

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