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The success or failure of your business depends on the success or failure of your marketing efforts. If you can identify what your customers want, need, and can afford--and then give it to them--you will achieve outstanding results.
Filled with Brian Tracy's trademark wisdom, this indispensable guide contains 21 powerful ideas you can use to immediately improve your strategic marketing results. You'll discover how to:
● Build your customer base
● Set yourself apart from the competition
● Answer three crucial questions about any new product or service
● Use market research and focus groups to fuel better decisions
● Fulfill a basic emotional need for buyers
● Determine the correct price point for your offerings
● Become truly customer-focused
● Make the most of your distribution channels
● Master the concepts of specialization, differentiation, segmentation, and concentration
● Give customers a reason to switch from your competitors
● And more
Packed with time-tested marketing strategies, this practical and portable book shows you how to overcome the competition, increase sales and profitability, and dominate your market niche.
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