Sales Success

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Eighty percent of all sales are made by just twenty percent of sales people. What's surprising to discover is that those top professionals perform only a bit better than their peers in certain critical areas. By excelling in these capabilities, you can earn money faster, have more success, and gain greater career satisfaction than you ever thought possible.
In this compact and convenient guide, sales trainer extraordinaire Brian Tracy reveals how anyone can get that winning edge. He shares 21 tried-and-true techniques to:
• Set clear goals--and achieve them
• Develop a sense of urgency and make every minute count
• Stay motivated
• Know your products inside and out
• Analyze your competition
• Identify competitive advantage
• Develop your sales strategy
• Find and quickly qualify prospects
• Create rapport early and build trust
• Understand the three keys to persuasion
• Master the elements of an effective presentation
• Use the power of suggestion
• Establish 'megacredibility'
• Overcome the six major objections
• Ask for action
• Advance your career by following up
Packed with proven strategies and priceless insights, this handy little book will help you take your sales game to unprecedented new heights.
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