Bitter Almonds

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دار النشر دار جامعة حمد بن خليفة للنشر
الكمية بالمخزن 2
الوزن ( جرامات ) 340
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  • KWD 5.000
Omar is an orphaned Palestinian born into chaos and compelled by forces beyond his control to find his place in the world. He only has one thing to hold onto: a love that drives him.
Nadia is young and idealistic. Her attempts to be oblivious to the bleak reality in Damascus are thwarted by her cowardly brother. Will she be able to break out of her traditional social mould to create her own destiny? 
Heart-breaking and moving, Bitter Almonds is about displacement and exile, family duty and honour, and the universal feelings of love and loss.
“A beautiful and moving tribute to the strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of love” – Ann Weisgarber, author of Orange shortlisted The Personal History of Rachel Dupree
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